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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #12

The genus _Clarensia_ was proposed point-blank as a respelling of _Clarencea_
(which isn't even a dinosaur--and wasn't considered one when _Clarensia_ was
proposed), but this is an unjustified emendation according to ICZN rules.
Perhaps it's time this one was deleted from the list as a misspelling.

Add _Gobisaurus_ Spinar, Currie & Sovak [nomen nudum]
(That's an ankylosaur discovered by the Canada-China Dinosaur Project but not
yet described.)

Fitzinger, 1843 used the name _Hylosaurus mantelli_ for Mantell's
_Hylaeosaurus armatus_. Does this make _Hylosaurus_ a legitimate genus
(albeit a junior objective synonym) or is it merely a misspelling of
_Hylaeosaurus_? I had omitted it from the list as a misspelling but now I'm
undecided; should it be reinstated? The rules were different in 1843. This is
a problem similar to the _Clarencea_/_Clarensia_ problem above: if I include
_Clarensia_, I should also include _Hylosaurus_; and vice versa.