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> >Hmm, it might not be that tricky to derive a herbivore from a carnivore but
> only
> >when the ancestral carnivore is not a really specialized one (which most
> >theropods, as far as we know, were). Amongst the mammals, kinkajou and red
> Actually, the most specialized theropods, neornithine birds, evolved many
> herbivorous forms from faunivorous (animal eating, including insects)
> ancestors.  Indeed, every herbivorous bird is derived from carnivorous
> tetanurines!                         (Tom Holtz)

Yeah, I saw this one coming but resisted the temptation to refer to 'nonavians'.

The seniority claim over the generic name of the Secretary bird turns out to
have been severely flawed and in need of more research.. so let's stick to
_Sagitarrius_ shall we (my fault, but I'll blame amateur ornithologist Kate

DARREN 'muddles his ciconiiforms' NAISH