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>WHAT'S THE LATEST on non-American giant dromaeosaurids, anyone? (Rumours, and
>bits in books*, on such theropods from e. Europe, Japan and Mongolia).

The giant Japanese dromaeosaurid will be described by Azuma and Currie at
SVP this year.  The others are not yet published.

>Bakker touts _Utahraptor_ as a Eurasian immigrant, Tom Holtz has pointed out
>here that there is no good reason for doing so. What I was wondering is,
>Bakker thinks he _does_ have such a reason. Eurasia seems the home of the
>archaeopterygids - is Bakker seeing the dromaeosaurids as their descendants?
>Consistent with 'Protoavia' (Paul 1988) - 'Tetrapod Flightlessness: the
>Premiere' - yes, but.. then again, I wouldn't call _Archaeopteryx_ 'wolf-
>sized'. Perhaps I'm committing a disservice for dragging this up.... again.

There are bones from the Dry Mesa quarry, Morrison Formation which are
clearly referrable to the dromaeosaurid-bird clade, so there is no reason to
restrict that clade to Eurasia in the Late Jurassic.

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