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 I generally like Carl Sagan, but when he says in
> _Cosmos_ that dinosaurs died similtaniously with the appearence of 
> flowers, I cringe.  (I also cringe in his book _Comet_ when he says that 
> _Dimetrodon_ died out with the dinosaurs!)
>                              -- Dave

Carl Sagan is full of crap when it comes to his writings on ancient life and its
'place in the cosmos'. Read, for example, the junk about humanoid dinosaurs in
whichever book has the word 'Eden' in the title, likewise the mention of
dromaeosaurids as 'smart reptiles' in 'Darwin's Universe'. The illustration
shows a kind of scaly frog making a rock garden...
   [just laughed out loud in the computer room again.. very embarrassing]. 

Likewise, marsupial 'men', bipedal dolphins, man-bats (not of Mongo!!), and cute
little squat quadrupeds (adapted for hi-g planet) are all hopelessly
anthropomorphic. Incidentally, the ultra-tall, giraffy-things with sails on
their necks (adapted for lo-g planet) are based on illustrations in an Usborne
book of _Barosaurus lentus_, and that illustration itself is based on Uncle
Bob's famous 'jogging barosaurs' drawing...

"Any idea any person has ever had has, at some stage, come from another person"

OK, so it _was_ Sagan that wrote 'Darwin's Universe' wasn't it? Wasn't it?