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A plea to the list members:
Remember many list members have very restricted available mail box space.
Also many members pay to subscribe and for every minute they are hooked
onto their list server.  And those of us on several lists do not have 
hours each day just to read our email.  Therefore,
1.  Unless you are CERTAIN that EVERYONE on the list will want to read your
message, send it to the originator of the message rather than the whole list.
To do that, check who the originator is and send to that person alone.
2.  Do NOT include the whole message to which you are replying, especially if
it is a long one.  Most of us will have read the preceeding message and will
only need to be reminded about a few key phrases to which you are replying.
DO edit any included messages.  AVOID including if at all possible!
Thanks for your efforts.

Bonnie Blackwell,                               bonn@qcvaxa.acc.qc.edu
Dept of Geology,                                (718) 997-3332
Queens College, City University of New York,    fax:  997-3349
Flushing, NY 11367-1597