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(Phil asks:)
> Have you seen these new toys in person, or is this off the box of one of
> the existing toys?  The few dinos you mentioned were pictured on the JP toy
> boxes perhaps a year ago, but never actually shipped (until now?)

I actually own the carnotaur, but have not seen _Quetzalcoatlus_, _Gallimimus_,
new tyrannosaur or _Baryonx_ at all, other than as pictures on the back of the
carnotaur box. Someone recently told me (sorry, forgot your name already) that
they also did a _Utahraptor_, and I assume that they're not getting confused
with the series 1 screaming '_Velociraptor_'. 

Yeah, these toys exist for real. Kelly Milner-Halls claims (;-) to own all of
them, and they were supposed to be out on sale in the U.S. ?last xmas.. but
apparently, shops stopped stocking before they got sent out. My girlfriend is
the head of the toy dept. at a local store, and is trying to order them for me. 

Right now I'm trying to complete the Tyco set. Over here the _Protoceratops_,
ornithomimid, _Euoplocephalus_, _Placerias_, mammoth and _Pachycephalosaurus_
are totally unobtainable. No fair!!!