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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #11

I scanned the copy of my list on Jeff Poling's web page, and lo, I found a
couple more items to change:

Cryptosaurus --> not preoccupied by Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1833, should read

Cryptosaurus Seeley, 1869

This is the correct name of the dino everyone's been calling Cryptodraco;
Lydekker's renaming of Cryptosaurus to Cryptodraco was unjustified, because
the preoccupying name was a typographical error for G S-H's genus
Cystosaurus, and a typo cannot preoccupy.

And here are two more of those pesky species names to delete:

Meniscoessus caperatus
Tripriodon caperatus

They're both mammal species that were once briefly considered to be based on
dino teeth. (I think some ankylosaur teeth might still be referred to this
species, incorrectly!)