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Re: A Little Brain Teaser

Betty Cunningham <bcunning@nssi.com> wrote:

>Would the Tasmanian Wolf count?   It's from an insectivorous marsupial, I

Possibly. Thylacinids are decended from dasyurids which have several
carnivorous, as well as insectivorous, groups. The exact ancestral
relationships are unclear.

The best example would be _Thylacoleo carnifax_ (marsupial lion) and
related forms _Wakaleo vanderleuri_  and _Priscileo_ (Marsupalia:
Diprotodontia: Vombatomorphia: Thylacoleonidae) out and out carnivores
descended from (probably herbivorous) diprotodontids.

Also the (extinct) carnivorous kangaroo's _Ekaltadeta_ and _Propleopus_


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