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New Deinocheirus material?

  I noticed that Coria and Salgado mentioned _Deinocheirus mirficus_ in the 
abstract for their _Giganotosaurus_ paper in Nature.  As I recall, D. was 
found during the Polish-Mongolian expedition (late '50's?) and consisted of a 
pair of giant arms with hands and nothing much else.  My question is simple- 
with all the recent work being done in Mongolia/China, has any new material 
for this beast come to light?  If not, (and realizing that at best it would be 
a long shot), is there any way to target the area where the first was found in 
the hopes of finding additional material?  Any new thoughts about it's 
relationships to other maniraptorans, or is it a maniraptoran at all?  Any 
good references? - all I've seen is Kielan-Jaworowska's (spelling?) book from 
the early sixties.  Anything constructive will be appreciated.   In ignorance,