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gender of scientific names

George  you are right----as usual.  It should have been rachelae.
We could use this as an example for Rachel about why animals
get multiple names.  Since there was no description offered (I
hav no idea what Rachel looks like) then Clarkoraptor reacheli
was a nomen nudum.  Clarkoraptor reacheli should be followed
by sic, since it is a misspelling of the original name.  I guess
the name should now be (in fulol) Clarkoraptor rachelae (Carlisle,
1995), indicating that a change or correction has been made.

Are y ou beginning to get the idea RAchel?

I h ave jusdt returned from attending a meeting of the Canadian
Space Agency's Meteorite and Impact Advisory Committee.  If anyone
is interested in impacts then you might wish to know that  this
committee has set up a  web site.  I will post it if anyone wants


>From: David Brez Carlisle
bk090@Freenet Carleton.CA