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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #8

In a message dated 95-10-24 06:15:43 EDT, DSmith0531@aol.com writes:

>"Rhamphorhynchus crassipes (von Meyer, 1857)"
>Should this be marked with an asterisk?  Pterosaurs aren't dinosaurs, last I
>heard ;o)

This is a replacement name for _Pterodactylus crassipes_, which was applied
by von Meyer to the Haarlem _Archaeopteryx_ specimen, which Ostrom first
identified as an _Archaeopteryx_ in 1970 (or thereabouts). This is actually
the oldest-known Archy specimen, beating out the feather and the London
specimen by a good 4 years, but it was misidentified as a pterosaur and was
even given a pterosaur name. Ostrom petitioned the ICZN to suppress the
trivial name _crassipes_ in favor of _lithographica_, an action necessitated
by the priority of the name _crassipes_. He won, so _crassipes_ is now a
suppressed trivial name in this context.

But get rid of the entry, since it's not a dinosaur genus, merely a dinosaur
(or dino-bird) species.