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email for special characters

There is a very neat convention used by mathematicians to get around
the problem of emailing (ftping, or other protocols too) text with special
characters.  They simply use a latex-formatted file which can then be
converted by the end user back into the fancy format.  Also, once you
become familiar with the conventions, you can read the latex formatted
information with needing to convert it.  For example, 

{\em T. rex} would give you italics
{\em Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology} {\bf 20} would give an italics
        journal name, with a boldface volume number (as some geological 
        refs formats do)
m$^{2}$ is metres squared
CO$_{2}$ is carbon dioxide

anyone interested might want to look at the latex manuals.  Latex is
also available as share ware and freeware, and still has the best 
mathematical and scientific output of any text processor/word processor

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