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Dino List Questions

"Oviraptor Osborn, 1924"
"Ovoraptor Osborn, 1924 [nomen nudum]"

Should we get rid of the "Ovoraptor" reference, since it seems that it is
merely another published misspelling (of _Oviraptor_, in this case)?

>>So...uh...How many paleontologists does it take to name a dinosaur?
>Yeah--that's the record for now: six coauthors. About as many as it takes to
>screw in a light bulb.

"Pelecanimimus Perez-Moreno, Sanz, Buscalioni, Moretalia, Ortega &
     Rasskin-Gutman, 1994"
So it would seem....

And the winnner is...von Huene, with 43 separate named genera!  Beating out
even Marsh and Cope (individually, not combined)!

More Questions....

"Rhamphorhynchus crassipes (von Meyer, 1857)"
Should this be marked with an asterisk?  Pterosaurs aren't dinosaurs, last I
heard ;o)

"Scrotum Brookes, 1763"
Was this actually proposed as a genus?  If so, wouldn't that mean that all
_Megalosaurus_ specimens should be referred to the genus _Scrotum_, since it
has priority (granted, there was not a lot of material for a genotype)?  Or
is this a case where better judgement prevailed and the name was simply

"Smilodon Plieninger, 1846/Lund, 1842*"
Somebody actually thought _Smilodon_ was a dinosaur?

"Stereocephalus Lambe, 1902/Lynch Arribalzaga, 1884"
Is this supposed to read "Lynch & Arribalzaga, 1884"?

"Technosaurus Chatterjee, 1984"
Did it catch prey with a ray-gun or something?  ;o)

"Teinurosaurus Nopcsa, 1928 emend. 1929"
What does the "emend." mean?