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More Dino Genera List Stuff

"Laelaps Cope, 1866/Koch, 1839"

Isn't _Laelaps_ (Cope 1866) synonymous with _Dryptosaurus_ (Marsh, 1877)?  I
understood that, even though _Dryptosaurus_ was named after _Laelaps_ was,
and even though both names were given to the same animal (not the same
specimen, of course), _Laelaps_ had to be dropped because it was already
taken (some beetle genus or something).  Thus the proper name for both
animals should be _Dryptosaurus_.  Am I mistaken?
And where does Koch come into all of this?

"Neosaurus Gilmore vide Gilmore & Stewart, 1945/Nopcsa, 1923"

Does this mean that the name was originally proposed by Nopcsa in 1923, then
in 1945 Gilmore & Stewart gave credit to Gilmore?