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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #6

The trouble with _nomina nuda_ is that they lack an "official" spelling, so
when they are respelled or misspelled but still remain without formal
descriptions, it generates a problem with including the variant spellings.
Are they separate genera, or not? (Of course not!) This happened with a few
of those Chinese taxa I mentioned in the previous set of corrections. I used
later spellings and attributions when, perhaps, I should have used the
initial spelling and first author and date for the _nomen nudum_. So let's
correct them as follows:

Changdusaurus --> Changtusaurus Zhao, 1983 [nomen nudum]
Chinshakiangosaurus --> Chinshakiangosaurus Yeh, 1975 [nomen nudum]
Damalasaurus --> Damalasaurus Zhao, 1983 [nomen nudum]
Lancangjiangosaurus --> Lancanjiangosaurus Zhao, 1983 [nomen nudum] (note
that the older spelling puts the name out of alphabetical order)
Megadontosaurus --> Megadontosaurus Brown vide Ostrom, 1970 [nomen nudum]

The last name has some historical interest. In the 1930s after returning from
the Cloverly Formation with a bunch of specimens, Barnum Brown got the teeth
of _Deinonychus_ misassociated with the postcrania of _Microvenator_, which
gave him the idea that he had a small theropod with really oversized teeth.
Hence the name "Megadontosaurus," which he bandied about the American Museum.
Ostrom told this anecdote in his monograph on the Cloverly Formation.