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Re: Question no. 3

________Tyranosaurus rex__________________

Gee ... I can't get my e-mail to underline either. 
Any suggestions? 

Yes, underlining is an acceptable form of indicating
presence of italics for the words underscored but it
doesnt work for me in e-mail either. Even when I try
to compose my e-mail on another text editor such as
word (where underling, boldface and italics are
attributes), when I transfer the file to e-mail to
send, the attributes just don't show up. If e-mail
were read on a web browser I could use <i>Tyranosaurus
rex</i>  or  <u>Tyranosaurus rex</u> and get italics
(i) or underlining (u) to read. But mostly it is not.
You could underline by skipping a line:

Tyranosaurus rex
"________________  is a mighty big dinosaur"  but that
looks ridiculous. Anyone else have any ideas? 

E-mail: grenard@herpmed.com
Date: 10/23/95

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