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Seattle-area dino-listers

I'm sorry to all of you dino-listers not from the Seattle-area (especially 
those of you in New Zealand, Japan, Spain etc.), this message isn't 
really meant for you, but this is the only way I could get it to the 
people it is meant for.

I seem to have noticed that there is a dis-proportionately large 
amount of dino-listers from the Seattle-area (i.e. western 
Washington); seeing as there are no dinosaurs in this part of the 
state (probabally the whole state at all) or much in the way of fossils. 
 I would think it would be very nice if there was some way that we all 
could get together some time; or  at least exchange phone-numbers, 
addresses and such...  If any of you would like, I could start sending 
around phone-numbers, addresses etc. so that we could all keep in 
better touch.  For all you of not from the Seattle-area, again sorry, 
but maybe if some of you seem to notice dis-proportionatley large 
numbers of dino-listers in your area, you might want to try the same 
sort of thing.

Peter Buchholz

I live in Redmond, by the way.  That should solve the riddle of my 
name (for people from around here anyway).  I know you all have 
been ponderring it : ).