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Re: Egg-types and Taxonomy?

In a message dated 95-10-23 18:02:23 EDT, Stang1996@aol.com writes:

>The D.-P. eggs are only found a few ornithopods though, most of 
>them have D.-S. eggs.  My point was though, that in the 
>monophyletic saurischia arrangement one would expect more 
>similarities (some similarities) between sauropods and theropods' 
>eggs; rather than between sauropods and ornithischians' eggs.  In 
>other words: why would a group have more in common with its 
>outgroup rather than its sister taxon?

Much hinges on whether the eggs have been properly identified as sauropod,
ornithischian, theropod, etc. But it is nice to see sauropods grouping with
ornithischians anyway (as Phytodinosauria). That's the way I would expect it.