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Re: Question no. 3

On Mon, 23 Oct 1995, Chris Nedin wrote:

> one Tyrannosaurus, but only one species of Tyrannosaurus rex. The genus
> name is always capitilised, whilst the species name is always in lower case
> :- Tyrannosaurus rex.

Another thing to add the genus and species name should be italicized or 
underlined for the correct referal ofa species eg. _Tyrannosaurus rex_ also 
alot of times the person who describes the species, last name follows the 
species name along with the date. I can't remember any examples off the 
top of my head because I just finished a Bio-Exam, after being up all 
night studying. OK, I'll shut up now. ;)

By the way, who all's going to the PJ Symposium at the DMNH? 

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