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Re: Question no. 2 -- Re: DDLD

At 23:57 10/22/95 -0400, RaptorRKC@aol.com wrote:
>Referring to the Dinosaur Discussion List Dictionary -- what is this all
>about?  What IS the DDLD?  What is its purpose?

As far as I can tell, it's supposed to be a document that Rowe (our over-worked
list administrator) was going to post to help us non-professionals learn the
language.  It is being slowly posted by the experts in our group as a living
document, not just a published dictionary that can be out-dated as soon as it 
hits the streets.  I've also been keeping a copy, so far only about 20 entries.

I don't have the time for long discussion and so have been lurking for months,
I think this is my longest posting.  I do know, because of this group, that when
I make it up to AMNH, I will have more appreciation of the exhibits.

Thank you everyone.

Robert Margulski