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Archie, Confucious and Cretins

The creationists that I have contact with are already claiming that the
Confucious bird removes Archeopetryx as a viable transitional form. Their
next jump in logic is to conclude as Archeopetryx is no longer a vialble
transitional form then all Evolutionists are wrong meaning Evolution is
wrong and Creationism is a more viable explanation for life on Earth.

Back to Dinosaurs. BTW, Rachal (if I remember you being 14), you are too
young to be talking about Stegosaurus and sex. Wait until you are at least
14 :-) More power to you. Great questions and answers.

Back into the fray.


Shaun Cronin                  'The Blues is what exists between a man and a
shaun@wavenet.com              woman.' Son House and John Lee Hooker.