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Re: Question no. 3

>> After all, the common names, and perhaps even
>>some of the Linnean ones,
>Linnean?  Vat ist das?

Carolus Linnaeus (Carl von Linne) (1707-1778)

He founded the modern system of scientific nomenclature i.e. the binomial
naming system.
In 1753 he published "Species Plantarium" in which he named every species
of plant known at the time.
Since then all organisms have a binomial name comprising the genus name
(e.g. Tyrannosaurus) and the species name (e.g. rex).
The genus name represents a group of closely related species. Whilst the
species name is unique a species in a genus. E.g. There can be more than
one Tyrannosaurus, but only one species of Tyrannosaurus rex. The genus
name is always capitilised, whilst the species name is always in lower case
:- Tyrannosaurus rex.


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