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Dino Newswire Stories

Some newswire stories I found going through my military files....
World's oldest mushrooms found frozen in amber
 LONDON, Oct 11 (Reuter) - Scientists said on Wednesday they had found two 90
million-year-old mushrooms preserved in amber -- the oldest mushrooms ever
 The tiny, gilled fungi are very similar to some types living today, which
indicates that mushrooms found their optimum form very early on, D S Hibbett and
colleagues at Harvard University and the American Museum of Natural History
 In a letter to the science journal Nature they said the mushrooms were found
in a piece of amber in New Jersey dating from the Cretaceous period 90 million
years ago when dinosaurs stalked the planet.
 "This is more than three times older than the previously oldest gilled
mushroom...which was recently dated at 25-30 million years," they wrote.
 They said the mushrooms, which were evidently growing on a piece of an early
cedar tree, were related to modern puffballs and stinkhorn mushrooms.
HK customs officers seize dino eggs
 HONG KONG, Oct. 13 (UPI) -- Hong Kong customs officers discovered an illegal
shipment of 45 suspected dinosaur egg fossils and more than 500 smuggled
antiques Friday after searching a truck that drove across the Chinese border.
 Authorities searched the vehicle after the driver crossed the Hong Kong
border and turned in a declaration form claiming there were 100 cartons of silk
flowers on board the truck, police officials said Friday.
 Besides silk flowers, officers also found 562 items of suspected antiques and
45 eggs suspected of being dinosaur egg fossils. Beijing bans the export of
dinosaur eggs, and lists the offense as "looting China's national treasures."
 The contraband also included 283 clay figurines, porcelain sculptures and
pottery items, as well as 23 pieces of bronzeware, 10 stone sculptures, 85
bundles of antique coins, 50 antique drawings and 66 antique books from China,
authorities said.
 The driver, a Hong Kong man, was arrested and released on bail.
 This marks the second such seizure this week. On Sunday, customs officers
found 15 dinosaur eggs among a shipment of Ming Dynasty items.
 Authorities believe the antiques were almost certainly destined for the
international market and some had probably been stolen from ancient graves.
 Officials believe the antiques could have been re-exported to collectors in
Europe, America, Taiwan or Japan.
 A paleontology expert said a dinosaur egg fossil in top condition could fetch
as much as $4,000.
This is the full text of the articles. I have no other information.