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Re: leucocephalic look at _LW_

>"_The Lost World_ returns [Crichton] to his favorite haunt,
>its pages brimming with Crichton's patented ad hoc lectures.
>Current dialogues about extinction provide the pedagogic
>fuel this time, jumping off from new hypotheses about the
>dinosaurs' demise.  Ian Malcolm (the cynical mathematician
>from the original book, as well as the only character to

IMPOSSIBLE!!!  Ian Malcom *died* in the book version of JP.  Granted, in the=
 movie version that he survived until the end, but surely a book sequel=
 would follow the book version, allowing the movie version to follow the=
 movie version (confusing no matter how one looks at it).


Q. Why is structural geology like a card game?

A. They both have folds.