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Re: Heh heh heh -- Do NOT read this!

>Hi there everybody:
>For all of those who get angry at G.O. sometimes, here is a very bad joke.
>G.O.'s AOL screen name is Dinogeorge.  In Latin/Greek this should translate
>to "Terrible George."  And yes, G.O. IS terrible.  ;)
>If G.O. were a dinosaur, we could call him _Deinogeorgus olshevskyi_.  That
>is such a terrifying name!!  Heh heh.
>And if I were a dinosaur, you could call me _Racheloraptor clarki_.  (Be
>afraid!  The raptor is on the loose!)
>Of course, _Deinogeorgus olshevskyi_ is the more efficient species.  Coexists
>in the Eastern United States with _Racheloraptor clarki_ and dozens of other
>species.  _D. olshevskyi_ has already taken the cybernetic ecosystem by
>storm, and is destined to 
>chase out of its reign and/or put into extinction dozens of evolving species.
> This includes _Racheloraptor clarki_.
>Didn't I warn you?
>Raptor RKC (Rachel Clark)
>P.S.  I'm sure I could have worded that better.

Never apologize for a good pun, less so for the bad ones:-)


Q. Why is structural geology like a card game?

A. They both have folds.