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Re: Heh heh heh -- Do NOT read this!

In a message dated 95-10-21 19:56:33 EDT, freeman@netcom.com (Jay Reynolds
Freeman) writes:

>I myself think that dinosaurs, particularly mean, nasty vicious ones,
>should be named for something reminiscent of the circumstances and
>utterances when some time traveler first found a live one; thus,
>_Eeekasaurus_munch_.  After all, the common names, and perhaps even
>some of the Linnean ones, of many extant animals that live in remote
>corners of the world are transliterations of native words or expressions
>that mean "Hey, look at that!".  Hmn, _Goshasaurus_boyoboyii_.  Naw,
>we'd better just stick with Snaggle-toothed Gronker.

By the end of 1996, all such names will be well supported under the
Code--even something like _Snaggletooth gronker_. I would encourage the
proliferation of such nomenclature as long as the upcoming ridiculous
de-Latinization of the Code remains in effect.