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Re: Kenner 'Saurs?

Excerpts from mail: 21-Oct-95 Re: Kenner 'Saurs? by Stephanie Gambini@sas.up 
> As a fellow JP toy collector, I felt I should field this one.  The Kenner 
> _Carnotaurus_ and _Quetzalcoatlus_ were released along with the Jurassic 
> Park Series 2 collection sometime around Christmas last year.  I happen 
> to have _Quetzalcoatlus_, but passed on the only _Carnotaurus_ I saw to 
> buy the _Utahraptor_ (complete with capture gear, electronic screams, and 
> movable sickle claws).  I've also seen the new _Tyrannosaurus_, but the 
> toy stores (at least in the Seattle area) stopped carrying JP stuff 
> before the _Gallimimus_ and _Baryonyx_ came out.

>From what I understand, the series 2 came out sometime in early October
of 1994 (that's when I first started finding them in Pgh.).  Big name
Toy Stores (Toys-R-Us, Kaybee (?)) carried the larger models
(Carnotaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, Juvenile T.rex, & Utahraptor), but Service
Merchandise was the only store I found carrying the Gallimimus and
Baryonyx (I snapped them up as soon as I found them!).  I haven't seen
them around here for a while, but it might be a place to check (they
might be going on sale in some places, such as the series 1 Triceratops,
which is now about $10 at Kaybees, at least in Pa. and New Jersey).  

The series 2 figures that have frustrated me are the smaller Dino-Strike
toys, which included such unorthodox toys as Ornithosuchus, the
synapsids Lycaenops and Estemmenosuchus, Tanystropheus and Scutosaurus
(when was the last time anybody saw a pariesaur toy?).  In addition to
the standard Velociraptor and Dilophosaurus,