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Re: Inaccuracy in TV documentary shows (was: flowering plants)

>>  I generally like Carl Sagan
>    Some astronomers belittle Carl. I think they're a bit jealous. Last
night, a 
>crew from The Discovery Channel showed up at our planetarium and taped 
>our observatory director for an up-coming show on "unidentified flying 
>objects" (sometime in 1996). I wonder how closely the end-product will 
>resemble the background information we gave?

   Reminds me of a story I heard on the news.

   Apparently, the project nickname of a new computer in the design stages
at Apple was "Sagan."  Carl Sagan sued, saying it was an unauthorized
attempt to profit from his name, and they'd better change the name.  The
judge threw the case out, stating that the usage was wholly INTERNAL to
Apple, would not be the name of the final product, and therefore was not an
attempt to profit from Sagan's name.

   Apple changed the nickname anyway, to "butt-head astronomer."  Sagan sued
for libel/slander.  The judge threw the case out, stating that Sagan IS a
butt-head astronomer.

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