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Re: Kenner 'Saurs?

Phil Burgess wrote:
> D.W.Naish writes:
> > we had mutterings here whether Kenner would go and make further characters
> > from 'Lost World'. They have: the _Carnotaurus_ is black and red, and
> > moderately accurate but for its hefty, large-clawed, 'normal' arms.  It
> > doesn't change colour. There's also a _Quetzalcoatlus_, _Gallimimus_ and
> > _Baryonx_ (the latter two do electronic 'screams').  Ah yes, and another
> > _Tyrannnosaurus_.
> Have you seen these new toys in person, or is this off the box of one of
> the existing toys?  The few dinos you mentioned were pictured on the JP toy
> boxes perhaps a year ago, but never actually shipped (until now?)

As a fellow JP toy collector, I felt I should field this one.  The Kenner 
_Carnotaurus_ and _Quetzalcoatlus_ were released along with the Jurassic 
Park Series 2 collection sometime around Christmas last year.  I happen 
to have _Quetzalcoatlus_, but passed on the only _Carnotaurus_ I saw to 
buy the _Utahraptor_ (complete with capture gear, electronic screams, and 
movable sickle claws).  I've also seen the new _Tyrannosaurus_, but the 
toy stores (at least in the Seattle area) stopped carrying JP stuff 
before the _Gallimimus_ and _Baryonyx_ came out.


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