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Kenner 'Saurs?

D.W.Naish writes:

> we had mutterings here whether Kenner would go and make further characters
> from 'Lost World'. They have: the _Carnotaurus_ is black and red, and
> moderately accurate but for its hefty, large-clawed, 'normal' arms.  It
> doesn't change colour. There's also a _Quetzalcoatlus_, _Gallimimus_ and
> _Baryonx_ (the latter two do electronic 'screams').  Ah yes, and another
> _Tyrannnosaurus_.

Have you seen these new toys in person, or is this off the box of one of
the existing toys?  The few dinos you mentioned were pictured on the JP toy
boxes perhaps a year ago, but never actually shipped (until now?)

Sorry if you folks find this thread silly, but I collect these JP toys
almost religiously.  They're some of the nicest dino toys made (IMHO), and
as long as I still have money in the bank and available flat surfaces around
the house, I _must_ buy more dinosaurs!  ;-)

-- Phil (from work, where my desk is also buried under dinosaur toys)