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Short Course In Evolution

Hi All!
        I'm on the public outreach committee for the U. Cal. Museum of
Paleontology, and I've been delegated the authority to pass this tidbit of
info about a mini-course we're offering in December. It's targeted to
teachers, but anyone is welcome to register. For further details contact
Judy Scotchmoor at judys@ucmp1.berkeley.edu or 510-642-4877.

University of California, Berkeley
Museum of Paleontology

invites you to participate in a weekend short course for educators...

Tracking the Course of Evolution

Date:  December 2-3, 1995               Fee:  $125.             One unit
C.E. credit:  $40 from San Jose State University.

Join eight eminent scientists in this weekend course, which provides a
comprehensive look at the evolution of life on earth.  Topics will include
Precambrian life, adaptations for  terrestrial life, dinosaur evolution and
extinction, origin of mammals and the evolution of humankind.  One session
will focus on strategies for teaching evolution and integrating the subject
into science curriculum.  Each session will include panel  discussions and
opportunities  for individual conversations with the speakers.

UC Berkeley Campus: Room 2060, Valley Life Sciences Building

$125 noncredit, $165 credit (1 unit San Jose State University credit)

Dec. 2: Sat., 9 am-4 pm  (credit enrollees 9 am-5 pm);

Evolution in Seven Easy Words: NAN ARENS, Ph.D., Professor of Integrative
Biology, UC Berkeley

The Connections between the Earth and Life: KEVIN PADIAN, Ph.D., Professor
of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley

An Explosion of Life: JERE LIPPS, Ph.D., Professor of Integrative Biology
and Director of the Museum of Paleontology, UC Berkeley

Invasion of the Land: NAN ARENS, Ph.D. and KEVIN PADIAN, Ph.D. Professors
of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley

Evolution of Terrestrial Plants - Vertebrate Interactions:  BRUCE TIFFNEY,
Ph.D., Professor of Geological Science, UC Santa Barbara

Dec. 3:  Sun., 9 am-4:30 pm.
The Dawn of the Age of Mammals:  WILLIAM CLEMENS, Ph.D., Professor of
Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley

Extinction, Extinctions!! PETER WARD, Ph.D., Professor of Geological
Sciences, University of Washington

Crossing the Mammalian Threshold: DAVID ARCHIBALD, Ph.D., Professor of
Biology, San Diego State University

Hominids!!: CLARK HOWELL, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Department of
Anthropology, UC Berkeley

Teaching Evolution and Avoiding the Minefields: EUGENIE SCOTT, Ph.D.,
Director, National Center for Science Education

Panel Discussion

                        John R. Hutchinson
                  Evolving Evolutionary Biologist
                 Department of Integrative Biology
                University of California - Berkeley
                        Berkeley, CA 94720
                          (510) 643-2109

        "Thus, the student of adaptation has to sail a perilous course
between a pseudoexplanatory reductionist atomism and stultifying
nonexplanatory holism."         --E. Mayr, "How to carry out the
adaptationist program?"