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Re: No answer from G.O.

In a message dated 95-10-20 06:09:34 EDT, NINO@vm1.sdi.uam.es (Nino) writes:

>Hi, girls and boys! I haven't received any answer from G.O. to my question
>_Cosesaurus_ et. al. as members of Theropoda. Maybe he answered, but that
>never reached my E-mail. So, please, George, tell me why you think they are

First of all, I didn't say _Cosesaurus_ et al. were THEROPODS(!). Heavens,
no! I said they were THEROPODOMORPHS: archosaurs close to the lineage that
led to theropods and birds (and all other dinosaurs, for that matter).

All the new and surprising  _Megalancosaurus_ material that has just been
described has made me reconsider its position on the archosaur cladogram.
It's not quite as close to the theropod lineage as I guessed from just its

Right now, however, I have so much back e-mail that I'll probably never get
around to answering it all. I can post the relevant sections of MM #2 as a
partial answer. Let me go into this a bit more later, when I have more time.
It's actually pretty interesting.