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Re: Naashoibitosaurus and Anasazisaurus?

>    Anasazisaurus was the daughter of the Czarisaurus of Mesozoic Russia.
> After the revolution of Bolshevikosauruses, she and the rest of the family
> were murdered to prevent a counter coup by loyalist dinosaurs.
>    About a decade later, a young dinosaur showed up in what is now 
> Germany
> claiming to be Anasazisaurus.  She was roundly denounced by those still
> extant individuals of the species Czarisaurus imperiosis, but many were
> convinced she was indeed the Czarisaurus' daughter.
>    After her death, DNA testing showed that the mysterious woman was 
> Anasazisaurus.  However, the fact that Anasazisaurus' body was not found 
> in
> the mass grave of the royal family still continues to fuel the controversy.
>    ....oh, wait a minute.  That was AnasTASIAsaurus.  Never mind.


    Thanks for the laugh! Very clever and much appreciated!

-= Tuck =-