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Re: Naashoibitosaurus and Anasazisaurus?

In a message dated 95-10-19 16:32:00 EDT, RaptorRKC@aol.com writes:

>Look at the subject of this message.  I have never heard of these two
>dinosaur genera.  An explanation would be nice.

Just two more examples of oversplit duckbills, right?! Jack Horner thinks
they are both synonyms of _Kritosaurus_ (which is different from

Here's the Horner reference:

Horner, J. R., 1992. "Cranial Morphology of Prosaurolophus (Ornithischia:
Hadrosauridae) With Descriptions of Two New Hadrosaurid Species and an
Evaluation of Hadrosaurid Phylogenetic Relationships," _Museum of the Rockies
Occasional Paper_ #2: [iii] + 1-120.

And here is the Hunt & Lucas reference for A--saurus and N--saurus:

Hunt, A. P. & Lucas, S. G., 1993. "Cretaceous Vertebrates of New Mexico," in
Lucas, S. G. & Hunt, A. P., eds. _Vertebrate Paleontology in New Mexico: New
Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin_ #2: 77-91.

Go to it.