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Fwd: A Clutter of Duckbills

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Subj:    Re: A Clutter of Duckbills
Date:    95-10-19 21:51:54 EDT
>From:    Dinogeorge
To:      Raptor RKC

In a message dated 95-10-19 16:15:23 EDT, you write:

<< And I fully agree that all six animals belong in the genus
_Hypacrosaurus_.  >>

Define the genus _Hypacrosaurus_ and show how each of the six species fits
into it. Write a paper and redescribe these species within the genus
_Hypacrosaurus_. Submit it to a journal--or publish it yourself. Maybe you're
right! But we'll never know unless you get your opinion in print AND can
provide better reasons than just your say-so.