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Planet of Life

        I wish I had been comatose for it. I taped it and waited until I had
the place to myself and the time and...it was almost exclusivelly plants!!!
I HATED paleobotany and am wanted in numerous states for houseplant abuse; )
I wanted some cool dino stuff. Now I know some of you will say knowledge is
good and so live with it but I had my heart set on some dino stuff. I was
very sceptical about some of the theories being touted also. The fourth
episode looks promising. at least it should stir up a hornets nest on this
list, it apears to be the bird connection episode: ) I can hardly wait....
Maybe the angiosperms invented flight...(just kidding).
        Also along the question thread...would anyone be willing to answer
some questions I have from my feeble attempts at reading the Dinosauria,
mostly along the line of definitions. My textbooks are not in depth enough
for some of the terms. Should I just post them or is anyone personnally
willing to put up with a page or two of questions?I promise not to ask about
post zygopophysis(my boss found this in the front and now uses it as a
descriptive as in "that is most zygopophysis" total geek but we love him
anyway; )