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Re: Naashoibitosaurus and Anasazisaurus?

>Look at the subject of this message.  I have never heard of these two
>dinosaur genera.  An explanation would be nice.

   I don't know about Naashoibitosaurus, but I do Anasazisaurus.

   Anasazisaurus was the daughter of the Czarisaurus of Mesozoic Russia.
After the revolution of Bolshevikosauruses, she and the rest of the family
were murdered to prevent a counter coup by loyalist dinosaurs.

   About a decade later, a young dinosaur showed up in what is now Germany
claiming to be Anasazisaurus.  She was roundly denounced by those still
extant individuals of the species Czarisaurus imperiosis, but many were
convinced she was indeed the Czarisaurus' daughter.

   After her death, DNA testing showed that the mysterious woman was NOT
Anasazisaurus.  However, the fact that Anasazisaurus' body was not found in
the mass grave of the royal family still continues to fuel the controversy.

   ....oh, wait a minute.  That was AnasTASIAsaurus.  Never mind.

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