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Re: Brontosaurus/Apatosaurus

JDHARRIS writes:

>        As for the creation and useage of "common" names for dinosaurs:  we
>simply don't need them.  Do we have common names for every extant organism?
>Hardly: imagine trying to create common names for every species of beetle,
>or every species of ant.  Silly!  Imagine living in the Jurassic,
>surrounded by sauropods, and saying "Those over there by the stream are the
>Greater Yellow-Bellied Longnecks; the Lesser Yellow-Bellies live further
>north.  In the grove of trees are the Grey Pine Sucking Longnecks, and if
>you strain your eyes, you can see a lone Seven-Striped Longneck beyond the
>grove.  The main predators of the Longnecks are the Nose-Horned Gronkers
>and the Red Gronker and Black-Spotted Gronker..." _ad nauseum_.  Forget it.
>It's much more interesting, educational, and straightforward to stick with
>one set of names.  Remember that the common names of most modern animals
>were created before Linneus; after that, most scientists just stick to the
>scientific terms.

Gronker?  Grey Pine-Sucking Longnecks?  :)  LOL!!  I don't know why, but
those names are simply hilarious!  They make the actual scientific names seem
so cool!

Sorry, couldn't help myself!

Raptor RKC (Rachel Clark)