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RE: to one of LN Jeff's postings on DINOSAUR FICTION IS MORE REAL THAN FACT.

>The remounted stegosaur in the new PJ exhibit at DMNH has been given throat

Yes, I have seen those throat ossicles at the AMNH, and in Mr. Paul's
restorations.  Weren't they found recently?  Older restorations to not seem
to give their stegos throat ossicles.

Anyway, does anyone know WHY _Stegosaurus_ had these and WHAT they were for?
 How do we know that they belonged to a Stegosaur's throat?  And exactly what
ARE throat ossicles?

I am asking these questions granted that nobody objected to my asking
questions.  ;)

If I learn about these throat ossicles, I will be one step higher in my
knowledge of dinosaurs.

Raptor RKC (Rachel Clark)