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I really enjoyed the third episode of Planet of Life, not the least because
I got to participate in it.  I was asked to show the North Slope dinosaur
find because I was the project chief and field leader who first relocated
the site in 1984.  I had obtained the funding and did the legwork, and I
wrote the draft of the Science paper.  While I recognize that there are lots
of really qualified dinosaur folks around, plenty who are lots more informed
than me, these are the reasons that I was approached by NHK.  Gee whiz, this
may be my one moment of fame.  Gayle Nelms did lots of the work on the
dinosaur find, assisted by Bill Clemens and Hutchison, but this was after
the USGS turned over the vp fauna to Berkeley (Tom Holtz was not with the
USGS then, and our VPs felt that they could not do the fauna justice).
Also, our study worked up the pollen, mollusks, plant megafossils, chara,
ostracodes, sediments, isotope analyses, paleomag, and the vertebrates, so
we came up with a more complete picture of the environment than just looking
at the bones.  I would have been delighted to work with Tom on the find back
then.  Ain't science funny.  Anyway, you gotta admit, the scenery was
spectacular.  This was filmed the end of May, 1994, and the temperature was
about 20 degrees with a horrendous wind chill.  In fact, the main bone bed,
which is just above river level, was covered by about 10 feet of frozen ice
and snow--the bed that was highlighted is a minor one upsection of the
primary horizon.