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Intoxicated people will get into trouble whether its behind the
wheel, swimming with crocs or playing with rattlesnakes. 
Certain species of crocodilian unprovokingly attack perfectly
sober human prey as well. Some species more than  others. There
have been only 5 deaths from alligator attacks in the U.S. since
nineteen forty nine or therabouts ... mostly in children.  The
Nile croc has a much nastrier reputation and they have stopped
counting,  there have been so many attacks and deaths. S/W
or Indopacific crocs (C. porosus) are also man-eaters. As for the
other 25 or so species of crocdilian there are occasionally attacks
but rarely any deaths.  There  are numerous factors which predispose
to attack by a crocodilian on a human being. Being pickled is just one
of them and is by no means the most prevalent. 
Steve Grenard

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