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New refs.

        Three new ones.  In light of the recent discussion concerning 
paleoclimates, this first one may be helpful.

JT Geological society of america bulletin.
DA OCT 01 1995 v 107 n 10
PG 1164
AU Huber, Brian T.
AU Hodell, David A.
AU Hamilton, Christopher P.
TI Middle-Late Cretaceous climate of the southern high latitudes: Stable
   isotopic evidence for minimal equator-to-pole thermal gradients

        One on Chicxulub:

JT Geology.
DA OCT 01 1995 v 23 n 10
PG  873
AU Ward, W.C.
AU Keller, G.
AU Adatte, T.
TI Yucatan subsurface stratigraphy: Implications and constraints for the
   Chicxulub impact

        And one on the gradual/sudden extinction debate:

JT Geology.
DA OCT 01 1995 v 23 n 10
PG  881
AU Hurlbert, Stuart H.
AU Archibald, J. David
TI No statistical support for sudden (or gradual) extinction of dinosaurs