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Re: Dinosaur Mummies?

On Wed, 18 Oct 1995, th81 wrote:

> My main complaints about the episode were a) Elly Brouwers (USGS
> ostracodologist who sometimes works on dinosaurs) was on it while I (former
> USGS ostracode picker who is in reality a dinosaur specialist was not) :-)
> (actually, Great Job, Elly!!),

 One question, Why did'nt they have Gayle Nelms or somebody else from 
Berkley, I've talked to Gayle about the North Slope and she seems to be 
alittle bit more knowledgeable about the area, probably because her 
disertation deals quite a bit with the N.Slope ( I agree she did a great 
job.)  > 
> b) They got the dates of Edmontosaurus (a contemporary of Triceratops) wrong,

 I didn't hear the mistake I had to leave right in the beginning of the 
Something that caught my eye was they mentioned flowering plants in the 
Jurassic, I thought(correct me if I'm alittle behind on the lattest 
info)flowering plant came in the Mid\Late Cretaceous.

> d) No theropods (okay, they're on a later episode).

I thought that was a bummer too...

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