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Re: Birds again

Jeff Martz wrote:

>     I just finished Ruben's 1991 paper in Evolution on Archaeopteryx, in
>which he makes a very interesting argument that implicates ectothermy in

You should read Speakman's (1993) refutation of Ruben's paper. Basically
Archae was probably like grebes in that it could not take off from a
standing start, but probably could with a long run up (and of course from
trees). The muscle arguments put forward by Ruben do not hold up. Besides,
the shoulder jount (Jenkins 1993) and relatively unfused wrist (Vazquez
1992) would preclude Archae from power flight anyway (power flight =
ability to take off from a standing start and controlled flight at low
speeds). Jeremy Rayner (1988) pointed out that flying at faster speeds is
actually easier than at slow speeds.


Jenkins, F.A (1993) The evolution of the avian shoulder joint. American
Journal of Science, 293A: 253-267.

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Journal of the Linnean Socirty, 34: 269-287.

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Vazquez, R.J. (1992) Functional osteology of the avian wrist and the
evolution of flapping flight. Journal of Morphology, 211: 259-268.

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