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Re: Dinosaur Mummies?

>                 From the Desk of Chrysalis
> Dinosaur Mummies?
>I have seen several references lately to dinosaur mummies, one here on the
>list and in the Planet of Life series. What exactly are they referring to? I
>can't believe a dino would have survived in a cave for millions of years as
>most natural mummies do. How many have been found?

They are not REAL mummies (in that the soft tissues are not preserved to any
degree), but were buried so fast that the surronding sediments made a mold
of the external surface of the dinosaurs.

>BTW, I haven't heard much comment about the last episode of Planet of Life. I
>loved watching the animations even if they did repeat the same ones over and
>over. Not quite the quality of Jurassic Park, but still very good.

My main complaints about the episode were a) Elly Brouwers (USGS
ostracodologist who sometimes works on dinosaurs) was on it while I (former
USGS ostracode picker who is in reality a dinosaur specialist was not) :-)
(actually, Great Job, Elly!!),

b) They got the dates of Edmontosaurus (a contemporary of Triceratops) wrong,

c) They implied that sauropods had vanished by the Cretaceous (the survived
in North America until the mid-Cretaceous and flourished throughout most of
the world until the bitter end),


d) No theropods (okay, they're on a later episode).

Cool animation, though.

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