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Re: metabolism and thermoregulation

> In endothermic animals, there are proteins which "uncouple" some of
> the metabolic activity of mitochondria from one of their major roles
> as producers of ATP.  That is, instead of building higher energy
> molecules which other organelles will use to drive their normal
> operations, the mitochondria burn oxygen and fatty acids for
> essentially nothing more than the production of heat.  (I still can't
> say I know much about this, so feel free to correct me anyone -- in
> fact, one of the papers I'm going to recommend below appears to
> suggest an alternative mechanism).

     One thing I forgot to mention: Ruben notes that reptile muscle not 
onloy has dense fibers, but is low in mitochondria.  I'm assuming that as 
ectotherms that control thier temp externally, some of the extra energy 
they can produce comes from the oxygen and fatty acids they aren't 
wasting on heat production.  Comments?

LN Jeff