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Re: More questions about birdies....

>3)  Specialized sensory apparati - again, because the animal must react 
>quickly, it should have sensory equipment which will allow it to gather data 
>quickly (which the brain should also be able to process quickly).

Maybe it was much more specific and they all needed excellent vision.  All of 
the ancestors and early forms of each flying group had very good vision; 
modern bats have full color day vision and black and white night vision like 
humans, Birds have excellent vision, and pterasaurs are up in the air (sorry) 
but probably had excellent vision as well. The larger brain may be to 
assimilate visual information more directly in from the optic nerve? 
>4)  A flight stroke - This is the means by which air is moved over the wing, 
>thus producing lift.  Generally, I would think that the limbs involved in 
>generating the flight stroke would probably have their range of motions 
>limited to those necessary for flight, but this is just an assumption on my 

Watch birds clean themselves.  They have to do some really wierd things with 
their wings to reach around them to clean hard-to-reach parts, because the 
wing just doesn't want to do anything other than a flight position or a rest 
>So, am I missing anything?

grasping feet, wing claws, or some other way to stabilize a landing on uneven