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Asking questions

I really applaud Rachel for her questions.  This actually 
addressed to her but I am posting to the whole list.

Rachel, never be afraid to ask a question, even if you think it
makes you seem a fool.  You will  learn fastest by questioning, not 
just to find an answer but also to see what kind of snags a
half-baked idea might have.

You say you are the youngest member of this list.  I am more
than five times your age (which probabaly makes me the oldest),
but I continue to ask sillyu qu estions.  And I get squashed for
them too!

Never think you are too young or too old for science and for
learning.  I am a professional biolgist, though not a  taxonomist,
and continue with my own research.  I published my first reasearch
paper when I was not much older than you, when I was 15, and my
most recent one this year,   54 years after the first.  In between
I have published about 400 research papers and several books
(none of them about dinosaurs).  From the way you are p robing
the combined k nowledge of this list I expect to see your first
reserach paper published by the time you are 15, and, more
important, I expect to see you as a professional biolgist o r
paleontologist.  You have the makings of a good researcher.

You are an i nspiration to us all, Rachel.  Go on asking


>From: David Brez Carlisle
bk090@Freenet Carleton.CA