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Re: "Red Queen" Hypothesis

>I believe the "Red Queen" hypothesis also includes a corollary  
>to the effect that an individual doesn't actually have to  
>"outrun/outgun" a predator to succeed, but just has to be able  
>to beat out another individual (of the same species or another  
>one) that the predator will find satisfactory as a meal...
>Kata McCarville
>Colorado School of Mines

Reminds me of a time:

While touring the Everglades, we stopped by a small lake just off the road
to watch an alligator (about 2 meters long) waiting right at the shoreline
for goodies .  A family, grandfather, son and wife, and several
grandchildren were also in attendance.  The grandfather cautioned the older
grandson, who was about 8 y.o.,  not to get too close, as alligators can
move rather quickly.  At which, the boy said " I'll just run away". The
grandfather said, "the alligator can run faster than you can."  The grandson
retorted, "but I can run faster than you!".

Some things never change
Michael "We're not in Kansas anymore" Sternberg
(360) 293-2405 if it's about fossils