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How to retrieve an old dinosaur digest (was Re: Digest # 643)

Sabrina Cox asks:

> If anybody could offer to forward [digests 643 and 555] to me, ...

Since behind the scenes administration is one of the few things I
always find time for, I recommend people write directly to me with
questions such as the above.  However, since Sabrina has asked here
and others are likely to want to know my answer either now or at some
time in the future, let me try to anticipate your needs.

If you miss a digest, you can get it with listproc's "get" command.
As with all list administration tasks, all commands should be sent to
the administrative address:


The digests that Sabrina asks about were mailed out on September 1,
1995 and October 15, 1995 respectively.  You'd need to know that
because the digests are stored here according to the dates they were
created rather than according to their number in the linear sequence.
To retrieve the two digests, Sabrina (sorry to pick on you, but you
asked ;-) could send the commands:

get dinosaur sep01-95
get dinosaur oct15-95

Both commands could go in the body of the same message, just as I've
typed them.  Note that the September 1st entry is sep01 and not just
sep1.  You'll get two (or possibly more depending on how big the files
are) messages in response to those two requests, and unfortunately
you'll get all digests sent out on the two respective days
(i.e. you'll also get digest 642 in response to the second command).
However, the beauty is that you can do it all by yourself, no muss no
fuss and no waiting.

I hope you find this information useful!

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)

P.S. Notice how I changed the subject line to something appropriate to
the contents of THIS message.  That's a habit I'd like to encourage
all of you to get into.  Thanks.